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I think i am dieing... computer gave me a virus..

Wednesday night my dad called me to come over and make some floor plans for a house he is building, he could do this himself but because he just loves asking me to do little meaningless things there i was sitting at the computer i once sat at and chatted with friends...after about two house i was done but in standing up from the computer i got very dizzy. Almost sick to my stomach. Morning sickness is not a problem anymore so i chucked that from the "unknown cause," after going home i watched tv for a while and decieded it must have been a minute bug. Yesterday i woke up unable to breath, sneezing, coughing, and seeing things not really there. I hurt everywhere possable to hurt. In the late morning i fell asleep on the couch. About an hour later i woke up and felt like i was floating 10 feet above the floor,(note to all when feeling as if you are floating ten feet above the ground...don't look down.) I lost it well i mean the orange i ate and the apple juice i drank. not fun! After that i kept hearing voices...and thinking someone pulled in. After my sister got of work she got me some medician i could take, you see when your pregnant its best to die then take any meds. My fever went down i felt better. BTW Vicks sucks ass!!!! How are you suppose to clear up a stuffy nose with the vapers...when you can't even breath from your nose.. and its cheaper to put a raw onion in front of your nose...50 cents VS. 8 bucks! eh! Anyways today i felt better i sound like a 12 year old boy going through puberty but other then that i fell sooo much better. In closing i decieded that computers really need to have the flu shot once a year...because they pass viruses too! and it is no fun to float!
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