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slut gate "yeah i still got it"

Last night i went to my cousin Seths house, I haven't really talked to Seth in a long time "like years" but he moved in with my good friend holly this year and we have kind of been catching up on things. Seth is gay this is something that i also just found out, there was always the thought in my head but i never really thought that comming from my family it would be! Well he is the funniest person i have met in a long time. We just talk about our family and laugh. Its differnt to have a close friend from you family because you have so much more to talk about. And he knows what i am talking about when i talk about people in my family. He told me he likes a friend of mine, which is really cool with me because this friend and him really have a lot in common, plus i know that this friend isn't a heart breaker or two faced. I don't know if things between them with work out but i hope for the best!

I got pic from laura from last spring when her, derek, and I took a trip to the cities to go to the gay 90's the pic are so funny we have one of the three of us as i am driving really bad head shot! it is funny laura and derek are both looking at the camera and i am looking at the road! " thank god for that!" there is a pic of dereks croch???? dont' really know what the hell was going on there i think he was changing and laura said she might have taken it,.,, i was pretty drunk them so i don't know. I have a pic of me chuggin the Mixed juice and making a weird face...i don't know it brings back good times.

I went to star gate last night, i am in my 5 month of preg. but i can still dance.. lol when my cuz seth got there laura and i were dancing pretty dirty and seth comes up to me and goes do you know you have an aud.?? i was like what? and a few feet ways there was a group of guys "black guys" stareing, i was like fuck them look somewhere else fuckers!!!! I am in no way goign down that road again! bluckcuehaithgksfdi!!!!!! Then there was this really drunk guy behind me in a hat and a suit thingy dancing and poking me in the ass with his very very very little boner! i was so grossed out i stopped dancing and stood there thinging he would go away...Seth came and danced with me for a min and the guy went away but as soon as Seth and moved apart this freak started in again. i turned around and said umm i am married and really dont' want you humping my ass, he said well i am single and just want to have a good time...... i said well have a good time with her she is single pointing at my friend whitney! ohh boy did i get the look from her a few mins later as he was poking her! lol i laughed so hard i almost peed! lol she wasn't amused! well i don't think i will be going to star gate for a while but maybe some day............

I decided that once i have my baby i don't want to be drunk ever.... i will have a few drinks here and there but never be drunk drunk. not that i will have time but you know what i mean. I have had so much fun the last few days just hanging out with the drunk people at Seths house and realized i don't need to drink to have fun!!! blah i suppose i should have realized that a long time ago but i am use to haning out with stupid drunks not funny and talkitive drunks! but i dont' thinking i will be much of a partier even after i actually can! I want to be there every day with my baby in full thoughts and energy, not hung over and puking! bluch!!!! NE ways i am sick of typing and i am hungry so i am going to go and eat the fridge! yummmmmmmmmm!!! bye bye 4 now!
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