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Hello everyone its been a while. I had a pretty good christmas and i hope all of you have a good one too. I got socks! YES i really needed them....and bath stuff (i am a sucker for bubble baths now-a-days) lol My baby has been kicking a lot lately..prob because i have been eating soooo much it is trying to make room! lol I am still crocheting that blanket for it...its about 3 feet across and and inch and a half wide....five days in the making...ok so i am slow give me a break that book didn't teach me to be a super crocheter besides i am not going for a world record and i have 4 months to sit on it..figure of speech!!!! N E ways I haven't seen anyone friends wise but laura! lol I haven't heard from anyone either maybe the all fell of the face of the planet....it wouldn't be so bad better view of the stars! AHH this fucking dog keeps farting it smells like someone died....its body is probably still trying to digest the 5 pound bag of chocolate covered pretz. (with the plastic bag) it consumed the other day! lol fucker! bah. Jake got a wiggles red car for christmas..... I will never buy my child something that is not put together...i smashed my finger the same finger three times trying to put that POS together, and after the 300 stickers and the steering wheel i was very angry! he likes it though he rides it around the house and runs into everything that could possible fall and make a loud sound. The other kids liked everything they got i was glad i really dont' know what to get them neither does there mom seeing the only hobbies they have is TV and food and well i didn't think they needed anymore of either one. Ahh yes my mom gave me a little frog "for the baby" it was sweet! she is sooo much better now we had a talk and things are ok now. She told me she wants a grand-daughter. lol Tracy told me if its a boy i am walking home! I really don't mind if it is a boy but i want a girl, but if its a boy i will have lots of hand me downs!!! yeahhhhhhh well i am going to go now I will write sometime soon!! bye bye love ya all
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