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Happy New Year

I have been sitting in front of this computer for 20 mins trying to think of something to write, but my mind draws a blank. I have thought alot about the last year and things i wish i could have done different, people i could have avoided, and friends i should have let go of long ago. But when it comes down to it..I had fun, i lived on the wild side and now i need to thing about the future. I don't need to impress anyone, i don't need anyone to bring me down, and i don't need anything but the people i love most in my life..close friends and family. I am having a baby dispite what anyone says or thinks about it. I will be fine, i dont' need anyone to worry. I want this baby, and i need this baby, it may be the only thing constant in my life for the next 18 years, and that is fine with me. For New Years I am going to put what past i can behind me and move on. I need this for me. i am going to stop worrying about others and be selfish. And if that makes me a bitch thats fine. I have changed, but its not a bad thing because unlike many of the people around me i have changed for the good i have grown up! and i hope only for them to do the same. I hope for my friends to not need to drink and smoke pot to have a good time, its now i realize how sad and lonely they will end up if they continue this life of nothingness. well i am done for now laura is here i lof that bitch!!!!
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