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If i had a million dollars.....

My dad got a loan from the bank for $100,000.00 to build a house which he will turn around and sell to pay off the loan, this is something he has been planning to do forever, he wants to try and build a house a year and pay some of my relatives to work on it, some of my family is involved in moving houses, garages,barns etc. and when winter comes around they are kind of out of work, so my dad wants them to help work on the house and he will pay them and in return they will haul the finished house for free. Its kind of a cool things i guess. I think he should build the house and give it to me! LOL He can pay off the loan by him self with out selling it! lol I don't know just an idea!! Well i cleaned all morning and now i am being lazy! lol I cleaned the back room (nathan and dustins) SPOTLESS~ in a day it will be messy again, i couldn't believe how messy it was, These boys take roman noodles and eat the raw well until they get sick of them then they throw the rest on the floor, there wasn't a inch of that room that wasn't covered in roman noodle crumbs!! ISH ohh and i throw everything that was broken away, toys! GONE! there are now toys in that room, they are 11 and 14 and they are PIGS~! I then cleaned the laundry area and bathroom, somewhat the kitchen, clean the living room but didn't vaccume i figure the kids can at least do that much its only one room 5 mins tops out of their after school activities of sitting motionless infront of the TV for 5 hours. BLAH IF my kids is that lazy and worthless and am going to go insane, kids need some sense of worth as in they can fucking clean up after themselves once in a great holy while! DAMN! N E ways, tonight is hollys birthday party, i want to go but not if its just a bunch of drunk drama. i probably will just because i want to see everyone and get out of this house. well done bitching and complaining! ttfn
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