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Gotta Getta GUND!!

There are two words for this weekend-long and smooth....Lol yeah so! This is Monday and mondays are always just mondays, no matter what happens on a monday its always just mon! ye! So yesterday i found out that one of my very good friends Sarah Hurlow is to be married! Its kind of cool. She and Rubie (he he) have been dating for a few years now and this Sept. they will be married, i was told to call her and that was the news..she asked me to do hair(which is soo cool) this is the first wedding of the class of 2004....in the same sense its so weird poeple are actually living real life and being in most cases real poeple! Its fun fun fun! I love sarah and i wish her the best of luck! (and fuck yeah i will be there girl) Ne ways laura stayed the night (we got freaky) lol jk we watched a movie last night and just are hanging out today! its all good! YEEEHAHHHA~ well i got my first baby gift the other day (well actually two) A friend from work Michel got me a super cute Winnie the Poo pajaie thingy, well anyways it pink and has winnie the poo on it, its sooooo tiny! i hope my baby isn't that small i have a habbit of misplacing things that arn't bigger then a car and sometimes even things that big, i loose. lol jk! I also got a diaper (just one) from Holly and Seth, one of my good friends and my cousin (room-mates) they got it free in the mail and wanted me to have it as babies first diaper, i told them we can stich it on the wall with a sign under stating "Babies First Shit" lol Unfortunatly its a babies first steps diaper and won't fit for a while! it will come in handy i am sure! well got to go and finish my hair..bye bye
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