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So i was sitting her reading everyones journal updates from the last like 2 weeks, and all of a sudden a pop up read in huge letters "Get a penis enlargment" next to the words was a picture of a penis (which looks nothing like mine) in some sort of a brace looking thing! Its very comical. After reading about how i could get my penis enlarged, i clicked out and continued to read new entries. About 3 mins later i struck gold, there once again in the middle of my screen was another pop-up..."Experiance the BEST orgasium ever" Who went to the site to get these pop ups...my guess is my 14 year old nephew. Or my sister.....or maybe it was me...ehgha. lol I dont' know i thought it was kind of funny though! well thats all i have to write about, same old same old shit! talk to ya all later
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