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First of all sorry britney for never writing in here...It seems like i never have time to go online even thought i really have all the time in the world. But i am doing GREAT! I have a large belly, but its really fun! lol its really funny when i try and put on any of my old shirts which just roll up over my belly to my boobs. I look like the really fat cartoon kids where they always have atleast 6 inches of belly showing all the time. BUT yeppers its fun, My family is planning my baby shower for May 7th, i wanted it in April but seeing "i am not in charge"... they said i have to have it in may when i am really fat and they all can point and laugh, in my family i have always been the smallest on, not tiny or anything just smaller the the others, and now my sis jessica is loosing weight as fast as i put it on...so they all love that i am now big! lol oh well. but i will let ya all know the exact time,and place later when i find out more, and ya all are more then welcome to drop buy and play some games and win some kicking prizes ohh and of couse eat lots of food!!! yummmmyyy! lol hum what else is up with me let me see, laura, jessica and i are still getting and appartment but we are all waiting for our tax returns so we can afford the deposit and other odds and ends, so with in the next month or so. Mario will be up at the end of April, he sends me $100 a week to help me get by but i save all of it in the bank! well thats about it bye bye
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