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Mondays melt my brain.

I remember when snow melting was a good thing, it meant only a few more months of school, spring is on its way, flowers will soon be blooming, and grass green, but now its just seems like a sloppy mess that means water boots for the next few months! BLAH i am really crabby, i woke up to snow lots of snow, which means winter, cancled my plans, and fell back asleep. When i work up again everything is melting!!! WTF! Now i seem like a idiot, telling people i couldn't meet them today because of the snow! They are thinking,,,,umm crazy bitch! WHAT snow?? Yeah Mother Nature, Stop fucking with my head, either melt all this shit or dump some more, dont' do both in the same day! Like i am not confuessed enought where you have to mess with the weather! BAHHHHH I hate snow and i hate the slush, i am going to bed wake me up at the end of June! Thanks
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