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I was late for my appointment today by like 20 mins...because laura had to take a 30 min shower!!! lol so i didn't get to have to ultra sound so i don't know what the sex of the thing growing inside of me is. I will in four more weeks... i don't think i can wait that long. its like waiting for chirstmas in the middle of july! blah Thats ok i guess i am not mad at laura but if it was her app. she would be pissed at me! i love the girl but her mult. personalities are kind of bothersome once in a while. On the other hand i don't know where i would be without her! We got to hear the babies heart beat i was glad she was there with me for that! i told my doc that mario and i are over and i plan on being a single mom! she said it was good that i had friends to help me along the road! well thats it i am going to star gate tonight with laura and a new friend of mine whitney! you gain some and you loose some! blah bye bye
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