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So I have been to the end of my rope in a day! I had a total freak out period this morning, I cried for about an hour and really didn't know what the hell was wrong. Ugh... so you know the feeling where a friend doesn't reply to things you directed to them? Yeah totally got that feeling today...reading journal entries. BAH I am so tired!! of everything!! Jessica drinks all the time now... and she is the kind of person that when she drinks she cries NON STOP! About stupid guys that she sleeped with once and they were mean to her after (DUH) i just want to slap her! Last night Whitney stayed up town when i went home becaues i was sick... the only reason she stayed was to drive jessica home. Whitney called me at 3:00 a.m. to ask if i knew where they were bars had closed an hour before, i called and fucking jessica forgot about whitney... well didn't forget but she was having fun! She told me " you always try to ruin my fun" NO YOU DUMB ASS I DRIVE YOUR DRUNK ASS HOME AND MAKE SURE YOU DON'T KILL YOURSELF! AHHHHHHHHHHH I don't miss drinking at all! i don't miss the people i use to drink with! Whitney was on her way to the dorms (walking about 10 blocks in the middle of the night) when Ryen picked her up and brought her to jessica and she drove jessica home! i am so glad she was not a crying bitch. cuz i would have knocked her the fuck out! well got to go i am sick and getting dizzy again! blah blah blakkkkk
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