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energy ahahahahaha

I don't know whats is up i get up at like 7 or 8 every day, Yesterday i cleaned out all the cabinets vaccumed and all, organized everything, and today i got up and baked cookies. Bahh it must be this good crack they put in my prenatal vitamins! lol Laura is in I'falls, and Whitney went home Sunday so my coffee hours are with just me at the moment, i really haven't found anyone that enjoys drinking coffee as much as those two girls. There are a few but i would rather not hear about their ex-boyfriends so i don't hang out thing them much. Jake turned Three sunday... that boy is sooo smart it seems like he should be 8 but just a baby too. if that makes sense, he is so smart I don't ever remember being that smart at so young! lol or even now! this kid drink milk like a freak so today i introduced him to Chocolate milk.... didn't go so well. eh enough said today maybe later i will write more but i am bored now and need to go and do something..
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