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Monday ewwwwwwwwwies

I woke up the morning full of energy got up did the dishes put a load of cloths in and climbed back in bed! that was a great morning...then i got tired and fell asleep for two more hours and got back up ate and finished my morning routine,dishes,laundry,vaccume,pick up: toys,books,old papers, odds and ends off the floors and fold blankets and put shit away. then Jake and i watched Spiderman 2 for the 3,000 time since the kids got it for christmas, and i crocheted my blanket some more. YEAh good day, Yesterday i spent all day at my cousin Seths house, watching tv and talking. then we made dinner and phil showed up as it was getting done (that boys has a good nose) so he ate too, and his girl friend Tiffany (who use to be a church girl at my church but now i hear those two fuck like rabbits) Imagine that! Well i got some pictures developed, there is such a cute on of jake and i its sooo sweet! i put it on my yahoo profile yeaheaheha! well i am going to to bye bye for now
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