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I hate men! someone please tell me what your purpose is?

JESUS! blah blah blah blah! We have science to pro-create, why the fuck do we need these fucking stupid, selfish, hyprocitical, gross habited, lazy assed, over-rated sex gods...WE CALL MEN! We don't! i would have know problem taken on the task of killing them off one by one! oh Happy 21st derek! I don't know wether i should shoot meself for being stupid again...or him for fucking up again...! His ass is soo lucky he is 1800 miles away. BAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My shit list keeps growing so far there is; my dad, Bush, Mario, Will, Jeremy, that subway guy Jared (looked better fat), Tom Cruise (too pretty to be normal), bambi (who is too cute to exist anywhere but in the cartoon!! Does anyone see a pattern here....ALL MEN! I am cursed with all the reasons in the world to hate them but yet i am surrounded by them! If you have a penis and a sack between your legs watch out i will shoot!
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